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New Furniture Finishing


Buying unfinished, solid wood furniture is becoming a popular option. It gives you the ability to match your new furniture with your existing furniture for seamless pairing. Not only do you get to choose the exact color and sheen you want, but unfinished furniture can be purchased for a very good price! Hearthside Woodworks provides a variety of finish options that will give your new, unfinished furniture the depth and color you’ve been looking for. 

Antique Furniture "Refresh"


Part of the beauty that antique furniture can possess comes from the patina in the original finish. Hearthside Woodworks takes pride in revitalizing antique furniture without disrupting or removing the original finish.

In this example, the cane seat has been completely replaced but the chair itself was merely cleaned & waxed. No stripping, staining, top coating  or any other irreversible steps were taken. There are still imperfections in the wood & in the finish, leaving the beautiful patina intact.

Multi-Stage Refinishing


This method is used when a simple cleaning and freshening up just won’t do!  If there is water damage, mold stains, an extreme color change or layers of old paint standing in the way of a new finish, than a Multi-Stage Refinish is the way to go! This method involves completely removing any previous stain or paint, bringing the piece all the way down to bare wood. Many removal options can be used to safeguard the integrity of the project piece, leaving glues and other fasteners intact. This is the best and most thorough way to completely change colors or fully restore any finish to a brand new appearance.

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